I bet you didn’t know you just started a new company. 20+ years of experience? Top of your game? That is so December 2019. In this session we will tackle facing the hard mental work of reframing your business for the pandemic and finding the inspiration & resilience to think like a start up.

Many of us are working harder than we ever have before. We have the skills, the technology and the know-how to invent the future of the live event industry. Yet the clients are holding back, and the projects aren’t getting funded or worse, the world of virtual events is being realized by parallel industries in gaming or social media. Is our message getting lost?

The pressure to find a way to survive this disruption in our work is immense. We are responsible for employees, subcontractors as well as the intellectual investment of the skills required for the hardware and software we use. Yet we are tasked with maintaining our state of readiness for a future that is uncertain. Can we?

This panel will discuss facing the frustration of failed pitches and finding the resolve to keep moving forward.