Creative Director, Darmah Studios

Bianca Moncada is a Graphic Designer specializing in visual content direction. She started as show designer and video director for a wide range of artists and events. She joined darmah in 2014 as Creative Director and Partner, and today she puts her years of experience in Content Direction and Screen Production, crafting creative show solutions. “Video has been at the forefront of developing ideas for those we work with, and it’s thrilling to work in such a collaborative environment,” she says. While the company has worked with TV Shows and touring acts in the Americas, increasingly they have specialized in award shows like the iHeart Radio Music Awards, Latin Billboards, Latin Grammy’s, and Premios Juventud, among others.

“Our goal is to unify all the elements on stage to create a balanced composition and a great picture,” she adds. This includes the technical elements (screen visuals, props, scenic) up to and including the more organic ones (talent, choreography, wardrobe). “We strive to find the right balance between all of that, and then take advantage of the latest technology to create unforgettable moments.” She has most recently been involved co-creating virtual performances on darmah’s dXR stage, working with new technologies and workflows with the team creating imaginative and other-worldly environments for artists and events.