frame:work mission

frame:work is a community organization for creative media & video professionals working in live events, installations and virtual production.

our mission

frame:work seeks to foster communication between the artists, producers and engineers who enable visuals for entertainment.  Our platform serves to empower the video production community through inspiration, education and professional development, and to nurture the professionals of tomorrow.

frame:work vision

Video screens dominate live entertainment design as well as film production backdrops.  Video drives art installations, marketing activations and architectural facades.  Video has left the physical limitations of a screen and moved into the virtual. 

The skills and roles required to be successful in such a variety of work environments are diverse, change rapidly, and are regularly confounding to our clients. Challenging work combined with an often challenged work environment leads to stress, mental and physical exhaustion, and budget strains.  Yet even under these pressures, we create incredible art and advance our technology forward.

frame:work seeks to support the video community by creating opportunities to share our experiences and learn from each other. With such diversity across practice, and so many opportunities to innovate, we evolve rapidly through open sharing. 

frame:work exists to foster community evolution through leadership building, new talent development, stronger business practices and community partnerships.  frame:work’s success is our membership feeling empowered and understood for their contributions.

frame:work goals

– stimulate conversations in formats focused on only our community
– build relationships between people in an open sharing, tool agnostic environment
– increase diversity by celebrating the work of historically underrepresented groups
– help new talent find its place in the industry
– develop best practices and thought leadership around industry challenges
– serve as an education partner to students, educators, mentors, clients and vendors

We achieve these goals with your participation. We want to celebrate community success and learn from industry adversities. Let us hear your voice!

– join the frame:work mailing list
– participate in our discord forum
– contribute to our media outreach with photos, an essay or an interview
– engage with our student initiatives

Have another idea to share? Reach out to the leadership team