frame:work media

Since our inception, we have been collecting community insights and experiences to share with you.


Inaugurated Fall 2021, this weekly journal features community stories about the work we do. Through these stories we share important insights about process, and learn from common challenges.

Online Socials

frame:work sees the opportunity to gather as an opportunity to learn from each other --------------------------------------------------- Our next event is 28 October, 2021. Click the button below for more info.


Three conference events and sixty speakers, frame:work has presented sessions covering process, technology and the incredible humans who work in our industry


From LED History to XR Adoption and Production we keep an archive of articles written by community members and published all over the web.

Ahead of the Curve

This interview series represents a variety of insights and perspectives that shape our industry. We are proud to share the AOTC archive.

New Talent List

Each spring we introduce students with valuable skills to the professional community via our New Talent initiative. Check back for our 2022 application drive.